[Important Notice] Announcement regarding ReFa counterfeit and unauthorised use of spokepersons


Shun Hing Life And Beauty Co., Ltd. (SHLAB) has recently found counterfeit ReFa products and unauthorized use of the image of the spokepersons Ms Lee Young-Ae and Ms Ruby Lin Xinru from other districts for promotion. The manufacturer, MTG Japan, reserves all rights to pursue legal action against the unauthorized use of the spokepersons


When customers purchase ReFa products, please be aware to purchase from our authorized dealers.

For those ReFa products which purchased from unauthorized dealers, SHLAB cannot guarantee that they are manufactured by MTG Japan. No matter if they are counterfeit products or parallel imports, they are not entitled to our warranty. Moreover, some counterfeit products have come with counterfeit SHLAB warranty card. These warranty cards are invalid and we would not be able to provide warranty service. SHLAB shall not be liable for any loss or liabilities arising from the use of counterfeit products or parallel imports. In order to protect consumer’s rights, please be advised to purchase genuine ReFa products from authorized dealers.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to your continued patronage.

Shun Hing Life And Beauty Co., Ltd. Customer Hotline: 2739 8339