SIXPAD Training Suit Arm


Training Suit Arm S

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HK$660.00 ~ 1,665.00

Continuously apply moderate resistance against the actions of the muscles, the muscle activity level is increased by about 1.3 times.

Train your Triceps

(In the interests of hygiene, we do not offer exchange or return on Training Suit Series)

Contents Instruction Manual
Size Approximately 105mm x 68mm x 368mm (arm cuff width x wrist cuff width x length)
Materials Non-supportive fabric: Nylon 65%,
Polyurethane 35%; Supportive fabric: Nylon 50%,
Polyester 25%, Polyurethane 25%
Weight Approximately 40g
Country of Manufacture Japan

Training Suit Arm S

Suggested retail price
HK$660.00 ~ 1,665.00
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SIXPAD Training Suit Arm



Increases your muscle activity levels by approximately 1.3 times. The SIXPAD Training Suit provides a moderate amount of resistance against your everyday actions.


The SIXPAD Training Suit provides a moderate amount of resistance against your everyday actions.

A simple bending and straightening of the arm or leg encounters resistance that effectively trains the muscles. This is possible through the flexibility of the fabric used for the SIXPAD Training Suit which is designed to continuously apply moderate resistance against the actions of the muscles. For example, when wearing the SIXPAD Training Tights, the muscle activity level of the hamstring muscles is increased by about 1.3 times when compared to not wearing the tights.

Example of Surface EMG Waveforms (Hamstring Muscles)

Item Studied:

The same actions (bending the knee joint from 180 to 90 degrees) were performed while wearing and not wearing the tights, and the action potential of the hamstrings was compared. The results showed an increase in the EMG amplitude of about 30%* when wearing the tights as well as more neuromuscular activity compared to when not wearing them. This can be interpreted as the hamstrings attempting to exercise more strongly, even when performing the same action.

*Comparison of average values in EMG amplitude for 10 subjects (males from 31 to 50 years of age) when wearing versus not-wearing tights. (Researched by a 3rd-party institution)

Expertise includes exercise physiology and biomechanics. Watanabe studies changes and adaptation of various body functions during exercise. He is also a council member of the International Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology.

Helps to tone the upper arm by applying an appropriate amount of resistance to the triceps.

By positioning the difficult-to-stretch High Power Zone on the inner side of the arm only, the training gear is designed so that the fabric applies resistance when you move your arm. As a result, when you extend your elbow, an appropriate amount of resistance is applied to the triceps on the outer side of the upper arm.

At work or at home, simply moving your arm will naturally increase the activity level of your arm muscles.

The tension of the fabric applies resistance that increases that increases the activity level of the triceps.

Adds a moderate amount of resistance to the triceps through a 2.5-times difference in elasticity between the inner and outer sides

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Can it be used every day?

Yes, it can be used daily. However, only use once per day per area for 23 minutes.

What is the difference between the mechanism of SIXPAD and the electrical stimulation usually applied in physiotherapy?

Actually SIXPAD uses the same technology as electrical stimulation used in physiotherapy—EMS technology. But due to different frequency ranges, SIXPAD is used for muscle training instead of pain relieve.

How do I care for the gel sheets?

Normally the gel sheets can be used for 15 to 25 times, depends on how customers use them and take care them. On the other hand, the state of your skin, storage conditions and the frequency of cleaning them may also affect the number of usage. Before using SIXPAD, you are suggested to clean the area of usage and ensure it is dry.
When the adhesiveness of the gel sheets deteriorates, you may get few drops of water on your fingertips and rub the adhesive surface lightly to remove the dirt. Please replace with a new one if the gel sheets are losing adhesion or if it becomes detached or deformed, etc.

Can Body Fit and Abs Fit gel sheets be used interchangeably?

The sizes of Body Fit and Abs Fit gel sheets are different. If you applied the smaller Body Fit gel sheets to the larger Abs Fit, the electrodes of Abs Fit could not be fully covered. It might then lead to strong feeling on your skin caused by direct electricity flow. Vice versa. So, it is suggested to use its original gel sheets and avoid using interchangeably.

Are there any areas or conditions when I shouldn't use it?

Are there any areas or conditions when I shouldn't use it?
Do not use on parts above the neck (like head, face, etc.) or on areas around the heart, such as the spine, chest or shoulder blades. Furthermore, do not use if you have any heart conditions.

How long can the battery last for?

The battery that comes with the product is for trial use. When a fresh battery is used, it lasts for about 30 times at level 8 (at a room temperature of 20°C). However, the life expectancy of the button battery varies greatly with the environment in which it is used and stored.

Will my muscles be sore after using SIXPAD?

It is normal for you to get sore muscles after using SIXPAD. We suggest doing stretching after usage to relieve the muscles. Kindly note 23 minutes muscle training program per area per day would be enough.