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  • Insert MOMOLADY in between your thighs and apply pressure
  • Effectively tightens your adductor muscles that are hard to train up in daily life
  • Giving you a pair of well-toned thighs
Dimension W about 485mm × D about 200mm × H about 235mm
Material Cloth: Polyester 90%, Polyurethane 10%
Main Unit: Soft urethane foam
Spring: Stainless Steel


Suggested retail price
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Bring out a beautiful and eye-catching inner thighs


Lack of exercise in the "adductor muscles" of the inner thighs, will result in a flabby inner thighs and make you hard to close your legs while sitting. It is important to train the adductor muscles for beautiful legs.

By pushing MOMOLADY between your legs. You are able to train the adductor muscles which are rarely been used in daily life. Get true beauty with sleek inner thighs.

Applying “Affective Engineering” to stimulate the motivation to exercise

The concept of "Affective Engineering" is taking the image, sense, and even the emotional effect from human for promoting active motion, and reflecting and expressing that in the design. It was used to stimulate the motivation to exercise and make sustained exercise possible.

MOMOLADY is the form that has arisen from this concept and stimulates people's motivation to exercise from its shape.


The hold-curve design stimulates motivation to exercise

MOMOLADY fits the shape of the legs and is designed to wrap up the thighs. The design makes you want to naturally close your legs when it is held between your thighs.

The Feature of MOMOLADY

Durable spiral spring

To avoid the spring from easily detected after using for a long period of time, the spring is designed in spiral shape to make it more durable

The hand cushion design facilitates intensive training

Placing your hands on the cushion and relax your shoulder, pressing the inner thighs together to tightens the adductor muscles.


The “Easy Exercise” that you can do within short periods of time

While you are watching TV or reading a book, you are able to casually exercise your inner thighs. You can firmly train your thighs even during the short TV commercial break.

01 Short Shuts the Thighs

Light stretching softens the muscles


02 Strong Shuts the Thighs

Pressing the inner thighs together harder tightens the adductor muscles

Professional Advice

Special training is necessary to shape the hard-to-train inner thighs

The "adductor muscles" or inner muscles must be trained to tighten the thighs, which we seldom use these muscles in our daily lives.

To train the adductor muscles, it is essential to have a workout that pushes the muscles of the thighs together inward. Adductor muscle training in standing position will consume extra energy from your shoulder, hand and other muscles for maintaining the posture.

In order to perform effective training, it is important to have a posture which does not disperse force to other parts of the body.

It is possible to have special thighs training by concentrating your strength on your inner thighs. Try to continue the movement and incorporate it into your daily life.

Kagemoto Yuasa
Chukyo University, Professor of School of Health and Sports Science
Kagemoto Yuasa, MD, Chukyo University Professor of School of Health and Sports Science. Active in the fields of analyzing the techniques of top athletes, advocates twisting exercise techniques and research into exercise for health of ordinary people. In addition to publishing writings and books for years, he has also been invited to attend TV programmes in Japan.

When the adductor muscles is weak...

Adductor muscle is the muscle for pushing the thighs together. If your adductor muscle is weak, your legs will easily turn outward. The inner thighs will sag and fat will be accumulated between the hip and the thighs.