Style Kids


Style Kids (Pink)

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Keeping a correct posture boosts academic and athletic performance.

Accessories Instruction Manual
Size Approximately W300×D250×H230mm
Materials Polypropylene, EVA, elastomer
Weight Approximately 400 g

Style Kids (Pink)

Suggested retail price
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Style Kids

Your child's posture is fundamental to his/her growth

Posture is the foundation of academic and athletic achievements

Are you concerned about your child's posture?
Poor posture is said to lead to reduced concentration and physical performance. In other words, proper posture is fundamental to their academic and athletic performance later in life.
Your child's growth is strongly related to their posture.

It is critical for children to develop a correct posture during their growth

Due to their rapid development of muscles and bones, it is necessary for children to attain a correct posture. However, in daily lives, it is easy for them to get a bad posture due to sedentary. For example, during learning, watching TV or playing video games, etc. To help your children growing with a correct posture, you may consider Style Kids.

Supports the right posture naturally by a unique structure

The structure wraps around the body from the seat, up to the back and around both sides.
This allows your child to maintain correct posture without excess effort.

1 Around the hips

The seat curves up from the pelvis to fit the back and the hips on both sides, supporting the pelvis, which tends to collapse, maintaining a natural S-shaped line.

2 Thigh

The curved seat wraps around the thighs on both sides. This keeps the body horizontal, as it tends to lean, and facilitates keeping the legs closed.

Correct posture increases concentration and nurtures the ability to learn*

Math test administered with/without Style Kids

The bottom slides forward right away and gradually the head hangs down, resulting in a curved back.

The boy managed to keep a good posture for 10 minutes, and he was concentrating.

*Keeping high concentration increases learning efficiency. Individual results may vary.

Making a habit of keeping the correct posture nurtures athletic ability*

A comparison of running in different postures

The head is facing downward and the arms swing in a limited range.

The head faces forward and you can see both the gait and range of arm swing are greater.

*Individual results may vary.

Can be used in a variety of daily situations

Two sizes to accommodate growth

Two sizes are available so that your child can use it as they grow.

Recommended heights
100 ~ 130cm

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Recommended heights
125 ~ 155cm

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